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Lynn File portrait pictureLynn File is Managing Director of Brand Innovation Ltd.

With an M.A. from Oxford University, Lynn was account director for top London ad agencies including DMB&B, Needham and Bates Dorland, working on brands such as Heinz, Sony, Hasbro, Cadburys, Colman's of Norwich, Vicks, Kerrygold, Maxwell House, Biotex, Johnson Wax, Fisher-Price, Milton Bradley, Ski, and the German Tourist Board. Her experience includes running pan � European advertising accounts and international new product development.

At Brand Innovation Ltd, Lynn works with associates across the UK, all experts in their field, including web designers, search engine optimisation specialists, graphic designers, researchers, technology experts, journalists, filmmakers and project managers.

We bring together handpicked teams of professionals to meet your specific needs.

At Brand Innovation, we combine top-notch strategic skills and branding expertise with a high-energy, practical approach, to deliver results that are beyond your wildest dreams.

That could be why so many of our clients come back to us again and again.

Larry File portrait picture Larry File is a Consultant of Brand Innovation.

After graduating from Leeds University, Larry spent the first eight years of his career in market research roles with Nestle, Colgate-Palmolive and Brooke Bond-Oxo (a division of Unilever).

He then pursued his passion for communications by joining London's biggest advertising agency, Bates Dorland, as Senior Planner on the Heinz account. During his time with the agency, he also managed campaigns for UNICEF, Premier Foods, Express Dairies, Guinness Brewing, Halifax, The Electricity Council, and Carling Black Label.

As marketing manager at Ginsters, Larry helped develop a £25 million regional producer into a £250 million national brand leader which is now one of the biggest chilled food brands in the country. He led the launch of Ginsters Original Cornish Pasty, which became the biggest selling SKU in the market and, to date, has sold over 400 million units. Larry is a recipient of the Chartered Institute Of Marketing Phoenix Award for �Brand Most Revitalised Through Marketing.'